Social media

Terms of service.

Emergency 24 hour helpline: 03457 11 41 41

Call our emergency helpline if there’s a safety issue or concern to you or to others such as:

  • People, animals or objects on or near the track
  • Damage or fault at a level crossing
  • A vehicle has hit a bridge
  • A broken fence or open gate allowing access to the track
  • Any damage to our rail infrastructure that may cause operational issues

To report a crime: British Transport Police Call: 0800 40 50 40 or Text: 61016 or dial 999

Key rules:

  • Don’t post anything defamatory, discriminatory, racist, abusive, obscene, inflammatory, or unlawful
  • Don’t use copyrighted material without the owner’s permission
  • Don’t use our social media accounts for self-promotion or commercial gain
  • At our discretion we may remove or report posts or comments that we consider break these rules and as a very last resort, we may block or ban people that in our view continually break these rules.

What to expect:

  • Our Twitter and Facebook profiles are monitored 24/7 but our YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles are not.
  • We try to reply to all contact we receive promptly, but at times of high volume this may not be possible.
  • We do not normally share service updates except for extreme disruptions or emergencies. @nationalrailenq and your train operator will be able to provide passenger service information on Twitter.
  • If your enquiry needs further investigation or is of a sensitive nature, we may direct you to other, more suitable contact channels:

Complaints relating to our managed stations

Online form for all other complaints and enquiries

  • Please remember, our Network Rail social media accounts are managed by real people – abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Our social media channels are informal. If you’d like a formal response from us, please contact our Customer Services team via the help and contact page.

Images on social media:

Safety first– All media submitted to us via social media must be captured from areas which are safely and legally accessible by members of the public.

Upon receipt of images we reasonably judge to be in breach of either safety best practice or the law, we will not utilise that media, and in some cases may be compelled to refer such media to the attention of the BTP.

Never trespass and always comply with relevant safety notices. Flash photography is not allowed – it can distract train drivers and train dispatch staff. For more information please visit the following pages:

Photos must be your own to submit to all channels. Don’t use copyrighted material without the owner’s permission. By submitting media to us you declare that the image copyright is not breached and should a claim be put forward to the contrary it will be passed to you as the submitter to take responsibility  for.

Social media users acknowledge that by submitting media of any sort, they are doing so to a publicly visible social media site and other users of that site will be able to view and share that media.

Instagram – If you tag @networkrail or hashtag #networkrail in your photos of the railway on Instagram, we may use these as a ‘regram’ on our page with credit to you using your Instagram handle.


Be advised that the rules above relating to media submissions apply equally to video on any platform.

Our corporate YouTube channel is managed during office hours only. Due to the technical nature of the types of questions we receive on YouTube, some answers may take longer to obtain from within the business. We will endeavour to answer all questions.