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SHL helps us recruit the right people by measuring applicants’ capabilities and skills.

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The test results are valid for 12 months and so only need completing once in any 12 month period.

Your results from this test will be taken into consideration for any future applications you make which need the same selection test.

Tried to start a SHL selection test but been redirected here?

Our systems show that you have already completed this test for a previous job application with us during the last 12 months. As the results of this test are valid for 12 months, you don’t need to retake the test – the results from your earlier assessment will be taken into consideration for this application.

There may be more than one SHL selection test

If we have asked you to take more than one SHL test, please make sure you click on the links for the remaining tests. If relevant, these links will be found in the letter we have emailed to you.

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If you are unclear about the SHL process, please email us at  or call us on 0330 855 1140.

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