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Green target in sight as suppliers pledge to limit carbon emissions

All systems green! More than two-thirds of our suppliers pledge to limit carbon emissions

We’ve made great progress on making green commitments. To date, 67% of suppliers have signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative to reduce their carbon footprint.

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What are Science Based Targets?

Science Based Targets form a key part of our comprehensive Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which sets out our clear pathway to a better, greener railway for Britain.

These are independently verified plans to reduce carbon emissions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and mitigate the worst effects of climate change. We’re the first railway infrastructure body in the world to adopt Science Based Targets to this ambitious level.

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What are our targets?

About 97% of our emissions are within scope three, meaning emissions largely come from third parties, including suppliers. Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy includes a target for 75% of suppliers to have their own science-based targets by 2025. Our Commercial and Procurement team says this target is already in sight.

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How will we achieve our targets?

Our Commercial and Procurement supplier management team has worked alongside transport industry partners to deliver workshops demonstrating the benefits of committing to these targets. It’s also sharing industry best practice and ideas for cutting carbon emissions.

We’ve delivered four workshops so far, with each one being attended by more than 350 people. This includes colleagues from the transport sector and supply chain. We are planning further events and workshops for the future.

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Rupa Bhatt, our strategic supplier manager, said the workshops have been positive in bringing transport partners together to tackle climate change. She said: “It’s been great to see our suppliers showing such positive support for this initiative.

“Achieving the commitment of more than 60% of our suppliers to adopting Science Based Targets is a really important milestone for us to reach. The success of the Science Based Targets workshops is reflected in the growing number of suppliers committing to reducing carbon emissions. We have more to do to achieve our goal but we’re making excellent progress with 67% of suppliers now committed to Science Based Targets by carbon emissions.”

Clive Berrington, our group commercial and procurement director, said: “As a country, we know that climate change needs to be addressed by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. This will leave a positive legacy for future generations and help make our industry fit for the future.

“Rail is already a very environmentally friendly way to travel. However, we can do more and need our suppliers’ help to become an industry powered by renewable energy. It’s great that our supply chain is rising to this challenge and we look forward to more companies signing up to science-based targets in future.”

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