Free water fountains at our stations

Feeling thirsty? We’ve installed free water fountains at our stations. 

It’s part of our efforts to upgrade Britain’s biggest and busiest railway stations to give you better journeys.

You can refill your bottle at the free cold-water fountains at every single one of the stations we manage ourselves at Network Rail. Here’s a list of our stations and their facilities. 

We started installing the water fountains in 2018. They’re usually around or near the station concourse. You can ask for help finding them from any of our friendly station staff.

Your safety and comfort are top priorities. So please use the fountains to keep hydrated and healthy on your journey, especially during hot weather. 

Infographic showing a drop of water against a blue backdrop with the following text: Feeling thirsty? We've installed free water at our stations.

Reducing waste with refills

Initiatives like free water fountains also play an important part of our commitment to tackle climate change and to build a greener, more sustainable railway for you. We’re passionate about reducing single-use plastic and cutting plastic waste and these water fountains will help us achieve this.

In fact, our free drinking water fountains save more than 100,000 water bottles from landfill every month with your help. W estimated that together, we’ve saved more than a million single-use plastic bottles by refilling at water fountains at stations. 

So next time you’re about to set off on a journey remember to bring a refillable water bottle. It will help you and the planet.

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