Work carries on – routine railway upgrades in July

Our railway has gone through big changes in response to coronavirus, to keep services running and help you travel safely and confidently.

Meanwhile, we’re are doing everything we can to continue our day to day work for everybody in Britain – and that includes carrying out regular maintenance and improvements like these:

Essential bridge upgrade in St Helens

We got to work upgrading a railway bridge across a dual carriageway in St Helens to keep it safe and reliable for decades to come.

We’re refurbishing the bridge spanning the Rainford Bypass (A570) as part of the Great North Rail Project, which is improving travel in the north of England.

Our teams are working closely with St Helens Council to minimise the disruption to all road users and residents.

The upgrade will ensure the bridge stays safe and reliable
Some of the equipment we often use to quickly replace track

Track upgrades for more reliable services

We’re laying almost four miles of new track between Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds to give you more reliable services.

Track gets worn over time so we need to maintain it regularly and eventually replace sections of it altogether. In this area, we’re replacing track and sleepers – the supports for the rails – so you experience fewer delays and cancellations.

Better stations for you

We’re getting ready to refurbish railway stations to make your travelling experience better – like the Grade II listed Bookham station in Surrey.

Our team is repairing the station after problems caused by wet rot – a fungus that attacks timber.

We’re also replacing a large section of the roof and repainting the station’s footbridge, with most of the work taking place at night to avoid disrupting your journeys.

Meanwhile, at Bromborough station in the Wirral, we’re preparing to refurbish the footbridge, extend the station car park by about 50 spaces and install a new power supply for new trains in the future.

The Grade II listed footbridge at Bookham in Surrey needs repainting


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