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The railway touches most communities in Britain, which means we have millions of neighbours who live close to the tracks and other infrastructure.

We care about how our work on the railway affects those who live and work nearby. What does this work involve, how do we try to minimise any disruption to you and how can you find out about it?

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How our work may affect you

Our work is often noisy and late at night. We maintain the railway 24/7 to keep it safe and reliable. Sometimes we have to carry out repairs at short notice for safety reasons and there’s lots of work to do in modernising and developing the railway so it stays fit for the future.

We do our best to keep noise and disruption to a minimum. We do sometimes get this wrong and are working on updating our code of conduct that describes how we expect employees and contractor to treat customers and communities with politeness and respect.

We try to be considerate by giving you as much notice as possible about our general maintenance or engineering works, but if we fall short, please let us know.

We’ll always listen to concerns and will fully investigate complaints or reports.

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Living by the railway


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