Let’s Rediscover the Railway

We’ve launched a flagship animation to inspire you to get your tickets to rediscover the railway.

We’re proud to look after the railway that connects you with the experiences you’ve been looking forward to.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with television presenter and historian Tim Dunn of The Architecture the Railways Built to share our love for the wonder of the railway with you.

There are more than 20,000 miles of track across England, Scotland and Wales, and they’re waiting to take you on your next adventure.

Click here to watch Britain’s incredible railway to come to life in our moving pop-up book:

“Love letter to the railway”

Rediscover the Railway includes scenes from all over Britain, ranging from the mountains of Snowdonia to the Highlands of Scotland and the vibrant cities of northern England.

Tim Dunn is passionate about spreading the joy of the railway and takes every opportunity to share his boundless enthusiasm for its scenic lines and travel possibilities.

He said: “I love Britain’s railways: they are extraordinary. The network which criss-crosses our country gives us so many opportunities to explore and experience remarkable places. There is always a good reason to see Britain by train.

Pop-up book-style image of the Newcastle skyline at night
Newcastle’s skyline at night

“I am thrilled to have voiced this hand-crafted video. From the steam loco chuffing over Glenfinnan Viaduct to the spinning city scenes, the Network Rail content team has designed, written and made something lovely, charming, and genuinely from their hearts. This is a little love letter to the railway: they love it, I love it and we’re all excited to welcome you back for your next rail adventure.”

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Positive impact on communities

Tim Dunn at St Pancras
Presenter Tim Dunn says he’ll always choose train travel for his journeys

When you take a rail journey during your staycation, you’re not just rewarding yourself with a well-deserved break.

Your holiday or day trip is making an important contribution to Britain’s economy.

In fact, on average, train passengers travelling for leisure spend £107 a trip on things including shops, restaurants and hotels, according to research published in July by trade body Rail Delivery Group.

The report estimates that before the pandemic, passengers travelling by train across Britain for days out spent a total of £46bn a year on these activities.

Greener travel

Rail is also the greenest way to travel.

A Rail Delivery Group report published in September estimated that a 20% shift from rail to road would lead to an extra one million tonnes of CO2 emissions and 300 million hours stuck in traffic jams per year.

  • A single train removes up to 500 cars off our roads.
  • Every freight train removes on average 76 lorries from our roads.
  • Leaving your car at home and taking the train cuts carbon emissions by two thirds.
Pop-up-book style image of passengers in a train carriage

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