Film – The Seaside by Rail

Film – The Seaside by Rail

Published 18 August 2021 | Average read time
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Getting away to the coast this summer? Our railway has a long tradition of transporting holidaymakers to the British seaside – and making countless happy memories.

The railway didn’t just revolutionise Britain’s industry and economy – it made it possible for Victorians to take day trips and holidays away from home for the first time.

John Page, Records Controller at our archive, said: “It really democratised travel, opened up the country for people. The rail connections that we used to have to get to the seaside are still there and you can still take a holiday by train …

“They’re leaving their factory work, their inner cities, to the green of the countryside and then to the blues and the golds of the coast.”

Watch this film to find out more:

Our railway offers a wealth of striking journeys – as seen in the new series The Architecture the Railways Built.

Here are our top five places to visit as we welcome everyone back to the railway …

Together again

Our new film comes as the rail industry has launched a new campaign to inspire you to explore Britain by rail again.

“Explore again, daydream again, together again – rail is the easiest way to reconnect to the people, places and things you love the most …”

Find out more and let’s get back on track …

A man and woman embrace at a railway station with the text 'together again'

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