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Red weather warning – do not travel north of London

London Euston station front

We and train operators have upgraded our travel advice to do not travel on services heading north out of London into the weather warning ‘red zone’.

With no services planned to run into or out of London King’s Cross, there are also now no Thameslink or Great Northern services planned to run north of London all day.

East Midlands Railway is only running very limited services between Derby, Nottingham, Luton, Bedford and London, which will stop altogether during the hottest part of the day (lunchtime to 19:00).

There will also be very limited and disrupted services running into and out of London Euston (Avanti West Coast and West Midlands Railway) and London Marylebone (Chilterns Railways).

The extreme heat has heavily impacted services, with buckled rails reported and overhead wire systems failing.

A new record rail temperature of 62 degrees was recorded in Suffolk on Monday.

High temperatures overnight – with no lull to enable the railway to cool down enough – added to the pressure.

This will mean speed restrictions to keep you safe by preventing damage to the rail – and even derailments.

Trains wait at platforms at London King's Cross

If you have tickets for Avanti West Coast services dated Tuesday 19 July and choose not to travel, you are entitled to a full refund via your point of purchase.

Alternatively, your tickets will be valid on Wednesday 20 or Thursday 21 July, with similar arrangements in place for other operators

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