Network Rail takes devolution to the next level

Putting passengers first and creating a more customer focussed, service driven organisation is at the heart of operational changes announced by Network Rail today

The new operating model will be formed of 13 routes increased from the current eight, supported by five Network Rail regions, two service directorates and smaller teams at the centre. Each region will be led by a managing director.

It’s a model that ensures Network Rail is more aligned to passenger and train operators, enabling a more cohesive and joined-up railway. It will bring track and train closer together, embed a customer service mindset and ensure a better focus on performance. It will push devolution further than ever before, making routes more responsive to local needs, cutting through red tape and bureaucracy. Against this backdrop of transformation, the priority remains to deliver a safe and reliable railway.

The need for radical change is clear. Performance is not good enough and my comprehensive discussions with partners, passengers and politicians up and down the country has made clear to me the things we do well and the areas where we need to improve.

Devolution has to go much deeper to enable us to get much closer to our partners and customers and be in a much better place to put passengers first and deliver for business too. The changes I’m announcing today are designed to do just that.

Andrew Haines – Chief executive, Network Rail

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