How our stations help keep you safe

How our stations help keep you safe

Published 22 November 2023 | Average read time
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We work hard to make our stations are a safe space for the millions of passengers passing through every day.

The latest OECD Better Life Index shows that nearly a third of people don’t feel safe walking alone at night. We’re using CCTV, bright lighting and highly trained staff to help you feel safe and at ease in our stations.


We understand that dark spaces often feel unwelcoming and intimidating. This is why we’ve installed new lighting across several of our stations to make them brighter and safer spaces.

Infographic showing a rectangular building light against a purple and yellow backdrop with the following text: We've installed new lighting across our stations to make them brighter and safer.

Many of our station upgrades also include plans to improve the lighting there. For example, our current multi-million-pound work at Bristol Temple Meads includes a complete overhaul of the electrics that will bring the station lighting up to modern standards. We’re also refurbishing the vast station roof to help make the station a brighter and more welcoming space for you.


Our stations also have CCTV cameras that are monitored 24/7 by our security staff.

Infographic showing a CCTV camera against a pink backdrop with the following text: Our stations have CCTV cameras which are monitored 24/7 to help keep you safe.

Surveillance cameras often act as a serious deterrent to criminals and anyone carrying out illegal activity. And our staff can act quickly where necessary to help keep you and our station safe and secure.

Station staff

Our highly trained station staff are also always on hand to help you. That’s whether you need help understanding your train arrival or departure times, a ramp for your wheelchair, or are just a little lost.

They also play a crucial role in keeping the station itself safe. Some of our staff carry out ID checks of anyone working around the station. They also carry out regular station checks and generally ensure the spaces are safe, clean and hazard-free.

You can even speak to them if you see anything unusual or concerning during your journey.

Infographic showing a security lapel against a blue backdrop with the following text: Our staff are trained to look after you on your journey. Always ask them for help if you need it.

See It. Say It. Sorted.

Are you familiar with the rail industry’s big safety campaign? It encourages you to keep yourselves and other safe by reporting any unusual items or activity on the railway.

If you see anything that doesn’t feel right, please report it to our station staff or the  British Transport Police.

We receive reports about suspicious and unusual activity from members of the public every day and we take your information seriously.

We’re doing everything we can to make our stations safe for you. Our aim is to get you home safe every day.

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