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Property services

Network Rail Land

Find out about buying or renting land that is not for operational use in the rail network.


Buying Network Rail land

All Network Rail land is classed as part of our operational estate. We will only dispose of land assets which have been proven to have no reasonably foreseeable railway related use. For those interested in buying a site or property which has not been operationally approved for sale, there's a specific process to follow.

Amenity Lettings

Network Rail manages a small portfolio of agreements for amenity land, consisting of:

  • Garden and amenity land
  • Temporary rights of access

For those interested in renting land from Network Rail, there is an application process for prospective licensees.

If you are an existing tenant and have a query relating to the terms of your agreement, please visit this page.

If you are looking to rent a space or site for your business, please visit our commercial lettings section.

Easements, wayleaves and telecoms

We manage all easements and wayleaves to statutory providers of utilities and telecom networks.

We also grant licences for commercial companies to run pipes and cables along, under or over our land.

Freight portfolio

We manage several hundred existing freight sites with connections to the network and land in railway industry ownership with the potential for a new connection. Search through our available freight site opportunities

Ownership enquiries

If you are trying to find out whether land near your property is owned by Network Rail, you can find information in our Communities section.