How to upgrade a railway station


Station upgrades are important to our efforts to put passengers at the heart of what we do.

Such improvements can range from more room for passengers in the station and on platforms to improved railway infrastructure around the station for better journeys.

A brighter, better Leeds station

At Leeds station – the third busiest British railway station outside of London – we’re making big changes to improve the overall passenger experience.

We’re improving the station to make it brighter – with a new, transparent roof – and more easily accessible through the main entrance. We’re also improving the ticket line and enabling more trains to use the station.

Leeds railway station

Our team gets to work on the roof at Leeds…

Platform zero

Platform zero will provide more space for trains and aims to reduce the spread of knock-on delays, resulting in more trains running on time.

Platform zero will be built adjacent to platform one and will require changes to track, signalling, and overhead power lines.

We will redesign the track of the western approach to the station to prepare for the additional line to the new platform and create a simpler and more logical layout.

A more attractive approach

We’re also improving the area outside the main entrance (New Station Street) to create a more attractive space for visitors. This means:

  • Pedestrianising part of the area immediately outside the main station entrance and widening the pavement
  • Moving the bus shelters to line up with the new kerb line and spacing them out so there’s more room to wait for a bus
  • Creating a new pedestrian crossing between the main entrance and City Square to make it easier to get across New Station Street from the city centre.

King’s Uncrossed

We have launched a multi-million-pound investment in the infrastructure at London King’s Crossrailway station.

It will substantially improve train travel to and from London on the East Coast Main Line by replacing track, signalling and overhead line equipment outside the station.

Click on the gallery to see more images of London King’s Cross

Why are we upgrading the station area?

The track layout has reached the end of its design life and become harder to maintain.

Network Rail modernised the station building itself in 2012 but the existing track and signalling was installed more than 40 years ago.

We will reduce the long-term cost of operating and maintaining the railway into the station by relaying 1.5 miles of track in a simpler layout. This will also mean faster arrival and departure times, and smoother and more reliable journeys.

Meanwhile, we will increase the number of tracks into the station from four to six. We’ll do this by reopening part of a disused railway tunnel and upgrading the signalling system and overhead line equipment.

Benefits to passengers

  • Reduced journey times and separation of traffic flows to enable a more efficient timetable through the area
  • The project, combined with new trains, other schemes on the route and revised timetables will enable more train services between London and the North, ease congestion and reduce journey times.

Liverpool Lime Street

Last year we completed an overhaul of Liverpool Lime Street station to provide passenger with longer trains and more frequent, more reliable services.

Find out how we did it by clicking here.

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