Flying Banana train: What our New Measurement Train does and how it saves us millions of pounds

The New Measurement Train (NMT) is the most technically advanced train of its type in the world and the flagship vehicle of our Infrastructure Monitoring fleet.

Our NMT monitors and records track condition information at speeds up to 125mph. It helps identify faults before they become a safety issue or affect our performance.

Affectionately known as the Flying Banana due to its distinctive yellow livery, the NMT is a unique, high-tech machine that we’ve been using for almost 15 years.

Equipped with the newest equipment, high-tech measurement systems, track scanners, and a high-resolution camera, this converted Intercity High Speed Train helps us measure the condition of our tracks.

It saves us millions of pounds because we can avoid unnecessary maintenance. By knowing the condition of the track, we can predict and prevent faults before they occur. This allows us to target our efforts where they are most needed.