Value for money

Delivering an affordable, efficient railway

We don’t set fares – but we recognise the responsibility we have in investing taxpayer’s money into the railway.

That’s why the changes we’re making go hand in hand with being as efficient as possible in everything we do.

We will constantly challenge ourselves to make sure we get the maximum value out of every pound we spend.

Animated gif showing a piece of rail track travelling down a slide to a station
Railway workers talking whilst wearing PPE, goggles and hard hats

A dependable partner

Embracing the cutting edge

We’re adopting the latest technologies and practices to speed up our work on and off the tracks – costing less time, costing less money and ultimately causing less delay and disruption.

Using train-borne track inspection (known as plain line pattern recognition) we can survey 2,000 miles of track in just one week!

That’s 10 times more efficient. Using this new technology and new process will save £23m over CP6.

See it in action in this video.