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Our role

Our vision is a better railway for a better Britain

The railway is at the heart of a successful Britain. It connects people – with friends and family, and with jobs, underpinning a thriving economy.

It’s our role at Network Rail to provide the best possible service to everyone who relies on the railway – passengers, the train and freight operating companies and businesses nationwide.

For us, this means delivering a safer, more reliable railway, with greater capacity and efficiency than ever before. A railway that connects more people to more places, safely and quickly, and a solid, future-proof foundation for continued growth in the British economy.

Delivering our vision

What we do

When people hear the name ‘Network Rail’ they often think of trains - but our business is maintaining, renewing and enhancing the railway infrastructure.

That’s all the tracks, signalling, overhead wires and other equipment needed so that trains can run on the railway safely.

We’re also responsible for devising the national rail timetable.

What we don't do

Find out more about how we run the railway, or how we’re delivering the most ambitious improvement programme in the modern era.