You lose if you step on the tracks during school shut-down

You lose if you step on the tracks during school shut-down

Published 23 March 2020 | Average read time
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Parents and guardians are being urged to hammer home the railway safety message ‘keep off the tracks’ amid the schools shut-down.

‘Holidays’ always lead to a spike in railway trespass, often with horrendous consequences for children and their families.

More than 13,500 trespass incidents occur on the rail network each year, a quarter of which involved young people.

Trespassing incidents typically rise when children are off school

Allan Spence, head of public and passenger safety at Network Rail, said: “Easter holidays and the clocks going forward are the start of the peak for railway trespass and with schools now closed for an extended period, I’m really worried that the railway will become an irresistible but catastrophic playground for young people.

“Each year, we see hundreds of people taking risks on and around the railway, resulting in tragic consequences and life-changing injuries.

“Please talk to your children, access our free school railway safety lessons and help us to help protect young people. It’s straightforward: everyone loses if you choose to step on the track.”

Network Rail and British Transport Police run a hard-hitting safety campaign – You vs Train, which highlights the devastating consequences of trespassing on the railway.

The consequences of going on the tracks

Remember to tell children:

  • The railway is never switched off. Electricity powers the overhead cables and third rail 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Passenger services are not the only users of the rail network – freight trains run all through the day and night. 
  • Never anticipate that you know when the next train is due. Fewer passenger trains running on the rail network allows more freight services to operate during the day, transporting vital goods around the country. A freight train can travel at up to 100mph.

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