We've just completed £105m of essential upgrades this August bank holiday weekend to give you better journeys in the long term.

The improvements ranged from track renewals and signalling upgrades to progress on one of our biggest projects – East West Rail, which will re-establish a rail link between Cambridge and Oxford.

Here's a look at just some of the work we delivered for you over the weekend …

East West Rail

We removed more parts of the Bletchley flyover as part of our work to rebuild the railway linking Oxford and Cambridge via Bletchley in Buckinghamshire.

The Bletchley flyover continued to carry freight trains after passenger trains ended on this line in the 1960s. Future passenger trains will need to travel on the flyover, which carries the line over the West Coast Main Line. However, we need to rebuild it to modern standards.

We're using the biggest cranes in Britain to lift huge concrete pieces of the existing structure:

Vital track upgrades in London

We replaced track and points – equipment that allows trains to move from one track to another – at the busy Whitton junction in London. This is where the Hounslow loop line meets the line towards Feltham and Staines. We also replaced points at Catford:

Track upgrades in the Midlands

We upgraded track between Coventry and Birmingham for more reliable services. Track gets worn from lots of trains travelling on it, so we need to maintain it regularly – and replace it eventually so it stays safe:

Signalling improvements for Liverpool

We removed signalling equipment from Ditton signal box in Liverpool and control moved to Manchester Rail Operating Centre. Signals are basically the traffic lights of the railway.

Modernising signalling in Liverpool by moving its control to a state-of-the-art centre will mean more reliable train services. Signallers will be able to reduce delays for you during problems on the railway by responding to disruption and re-routing trains faster:

Tunnel vision

At Chipping Sodbury, we lowered and realigned the track in the tunnel to make way for more freight trains:

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