Every Second Counts

Our role is to get you where you need to go, on time.

It’s that simple. For us, it means reducing delays by working to stop faults occurring on the railway, and also improving our practices and technology so we can identify, fix and recover from them more quickly – getting service back to normal as quickly as possible.

We start every day with a clear objective – avoid delays, avoid disruption, keep services moving.

When delays do occur, we’re committed to acting quickly and with precision to identify the cause, repair, and get services moving again as safely and quickly as possible.

Our ‘Job Done’ series reveals how teams across Britain keep passengers moving.

We can replace up to a mile of track in one night while keeping the line next door open for train services.

How do we do it? With a mobile factory – watch it in action in this video.

Planning a punctual future

We’re rolling out 11,300 extra services a week by 2025.

We’re not just focussed on the now, either – we’re planning carefully; constantly reviewing timings and processes for the ultimate benefit of our passengers.

We’re making sure that when new timetables are introduced, it’s smooth and seamless; delivering greater efficiency and choice for passengers travelling on the railway.

We’re doing this by working closely with train operators and rail colleagues; a cross-industry task force with all parties focused on delivering the best service to passengers.

Whether you catch a train every day or once a year, our top priority is making sure you get to where you’re going safely, and at the time you planned to arrive.