New STEM resources for British Science Week

New, rail-themed resources developed by STEM Learning and Network Rail designed to help engage pupils of all ages

Launching this British Science Week 2019, the resources have a rail theme and will help school children apply STEM learning to real life scenarios;

  • Primary school children will be able to try out solutions for leaves on the line in a fun and interactive way – using household items to come up with a ‘magic formula.
  • Secondary school students will benefit from a range of online resources and questions to challenge and inspire them – from designing a pantograph to comparing braking distances for two trains.

In support of this, 50 Network Rail STEM Ambassadors received training at the National STEM Learning Centre in York to deliver these sessions alongside teachers in classrooms up and down the country.

“[I’m] thrilled to see that the kids were certainly exposed to some science that they would not normally see so really engaged well with the activity”.

– John, STEM Ambassador.

For more information about the resources and our ongoing partnership with STEM Learning, visit their website.

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