Network Rail urges school kids: ‘Don’t risk your life sending Snapchat messages around high risk Surrey level crossing’

Following four near misses since May, Network Rail has installed new signage at Hatches level crossing to remind people to stop, look and listen for trains before stepping onto the railway. 

The crossing, between Frimley Green and Farnborough North railway station, is the second highest risk footpath crossing on the South Western Railway network. The line speed is up to 60mph and there are around 77 services per day.

Kathy Welch, level crossing manager on Network Rail’s Wessex Route, said:

“Keeping in touch on social media, or enjoying Rita Ora’s latest song, is a great way to spend your free time – but it’s not worth your life.

“If you step in front of a train traveling at 60 mph you will be killed.

“Please stop, look and listen when using level crossings – that means taking off your headphones and putting your phone away safely your pocket.”

Alexandra Neil, Head of Farnborough Hill said, “This is an excellent and timely initiative by Network Rail and I will be reminding everyone at the school of the dangers and the need to remain vigilant.”

Users are warned about risk by signage and train horns, but decide for themselves whether it is safe to cross.