Major funding for Southern and Thameslink rail improvement works

£300m funding for Southern and Thameslink rail improvement works

The Department for Transport has confirmed £300m funding for improvement works, to be delivered by Network Rail, to boost the resilience of the infrastructure on the Southern and Thameslink railway networks.

The multi-million pound package of work will improve reliability for passengers along the Brighton Main Line and associated routes, funding the replacement of old tracks, points and signalling and dealing with structural repairs in tunnels.

The investment recognises the need for infrastructure improvements on the Southern and Thameslink networks.

Improve reliability

In September Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, confirmed initial funding of £20m to begin improvement works. This further £300m will drive additional resilience across the network.

Work which will be undertaken under the £300m programme will include:

  • improving the resilience in areas known to cause delays;
  • replacing signalling and rebuilding old bridges;
  • building specific teams to coordinate upgrade work;
  • improving security by the railway to help prevent trespass;
  • improving drainage in old tunnels to prevent water damage to electrical equipment;
  • shoring up cuttings and embankments to reduce the risk of landslides.

Much-needed funding

Welcoming the work, John Halsall, route managing director for the South East route, added: “Passengers know only too well the challenges faced in running one of the busiest and most congested railway networks in the country. Working together with Govia Thameslink Railway, this much-needed funding will allow us to carry out essential upgrades to improve the reliability of journeys for passengers over the next few years.”