‘Getting more women into the railway is key to better performance’ says Network Rail

New research undertaken by Network Rail has found that better performing teams are those that are diverse in their make-up, especially in their gender mix.

Teams that are evenly balanced between men and women perform best while a 20% critical minimum threshold mix delivers notable improvements including:

  • More engaged and motivated teams
  • Lower sickness rates
  • More productive
  • More collaborative

The research, which builds on previous work undertaken by business consultancy giant, McKinsey, in this area has led Network Rail to set new internal targets for its business units to have at least 20% of women in place.*

Delivering a speech on ‘Why gender diversity matters’ at Network Rail’s ‘Everyone Summit’ today, Mark Carne, chief executive, said: “The truth is that as a leader, a manager, a husband and a father, what troubles me most is the thought that talented women in my life might not reach their potential because men like me did not do enough.

“Gender equality is definitely unfinished business but I want the railway to play its part in finishing what it helped start over one hundred years ago.”

Other initiatives revealed by Mr Carne in the speech include:

  • Acting to reduce gender stereotyping of children that limits their options and potential
  • Changing the way NR recruits to attract women
  • Retaining more female employee by creating a more inclusive work culture
  • Making sure NR’s best women are supported to progress within the business

Mr Carne said: “We live in a world where 51% of people are women and our workforce should reflect that. We provide a public service and we will do a better job if the people who work for us reflect those we serve.”