Frontline emergency teams star in TV documentary

Emergency response teams at Network Rail have a starring role in Monday’s (13 March) episode of Inside King’s Cross: The Railway. The show follows railway workers on the East Coast Mainline as they deal with major incidents causing disruption on the railway, carry out engineering works and help passengers.

The dangers of slips, trips and falls are highlighted, with the show focusing on the response of emergency services and the Network Rail platform team at King’s Cross station.

Mobile operations manager Jamie Morgan (pictured above) is seen dealing with an incident in which a dog has been struck and killed by a train.

Every day is different. One minute I can be checking fencing along the railway and the next I’m heading to a bridge strike.


The variety is what keeps my job so interesting, but it does come with its downsides. Sometimes we are called to upsetting incidents, such as the one featured in the documentary.


It’s really sad when an animal has been killed on the line. I’m an animal lover and we do our best to keep animals off the line, but sometimes they can’t be stopped.


When this happens, I head out to try and get them back to safety. If they are injured we will always contact a vet and if they have sadly died, we will check to see if they are microchipped and reunite them with their owner.


I hope people watch the documentary and see all the hard work which goes into running the railway and that we always try our best to deal with sensitive situations.

Jamie Morgan, mobile operations manager

Also featured in this episode:

  • When a lightning tube strike hits the capital, station staff have to deal with increased numbers of passengers arriving late for their trains or wanting to know whether they can get to their destinations using the overground network.
  • The station receives a visit from Aria, King’s Cross’ Harris hawk, whose mission is to scare away the pigeons that regularly feast on the leftover food of the 200,000 visitors who use the station every day.
  • Customer service assistant Denise has to close the station and offer assistance to passengers who are drunk, and regulars of the station’s homeless community.
  • Shift station manager Dexter Brown (pictured below) helps to rescue a pregnant woman and others from a lift that has broken down.
  • Station manager Laura Murphy talks about the recent investment in the station, and its iconic architecture.

The four-part documentary continues on Monday 20 March (third episode) and 27 March (final episode) on Channel 5 at 21:00.

London King’s Cross is the gateway between our capital city and the rest of the country, and its starring role in the upcoming Channel 5 documentary will give me and my team an opportunity to share the highs and lows of a day in the life of the incredibly busy, but fantastic station.


No day is ever the same for us and I’m very excited to give viewers a glimpse of the amazing characters who work tirelessly to keep our passengers safe all day, every day.

Laura Murphy, station manager at King’s Cross

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