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Sustainable development

We’re committed to making sure everything we build, manage, service and develop leaves a positive legacy for future generations

We explain our sustainable development priorities and objectives in our sustainable development strategy 2013–2024 (PDF). Our vision and strategy is to develop a railway fit for the future. Sustainability for communities, the economy and our environment is at the heart of this vision.

Our priorities are:

  • safety and wellbeing
  • communities
  • accessibility and inclusivity
  • employees
  • energy
  • resources
  • environmental protection
  • climate change adaptation
  • buildings
  • land
  • outstanding value.

We focus on achieving the right balance of economic, environmental and social objectives for our sustainable development priorities, taking into account how these may vary over time. The Being Responsible section of our 2017/18 annual report and accounts update reports our progress and performance against current targets. It also shows how our people are delivering sustainable outcomes as part of their jobs.

We’re working hard towards a safer, more reliable railway, with greater capacity and efficiency, which contributes towards a thriving low-carbon economy with better connections between people and jobs.

Our culture is to push for higher levels of safety, reliability and transparency, as well as better value for money for our customers and stakeholders. Sustainable development supports these values and is integral to the long-term success of the company and the railway.

To find out more about our sustainable development work, please contact SustainableDevelopment@networkrail.co.uk

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