Freight train travelling over bridge in Wales

Industry and commercial partners

The railway is vital to Britain’s economy, creating jobs and business opportunities – and it’s a team effort between us, the rest of the rail industry and our contractors to help keep the economy on track

Rail enhances the economy’s productive potential by up to £10.2bn per year, and the railway and its supply chain support 216,000 jobs across Britain.

It’s our role to run, maintain and develop Britain’s rail infrastructure, this is only possible in partnership with our stakeholders; customers (and owning groups), freight end users, national funders, local funding bodies, investors, passenger representative bodies, companies that form part of our supply chain, regulatory authorities and local government agencies and authorities.

We want to make it as easy as possible for our stakeholders to do business with us, and our stakeholder relations code of practice is an important part of that, letting you know what you can expect from us every time you deal with us.

Information for operators (TOC and FOC)

Here you’ll find the key documents to guide you through how we do business with our customers

Supply chain

We’re dependent on our suppliers to help us deliver rail services across Britain

Rail freight

Rail freight is vital to Britain’s economic success. It contributes £1.7bn to the economy and plays a big part in reducing congestion and carbon emissions

Network Rail Property

We create exceptional places from our stations and property assets for passengers, businesses and communities

Third-party investors

Information for external parties interested in investing in and helping to deliver railway infrastructure projects

Research, development and technology

In partnership with industry, we look at how research, development and technology can make train travel more comfortable, accessible, reliable and affordable


By alliancing with train companies we can work more efficiently, with benefits to the taxpayer, passengers and freight users


Our wholly owned international consultancy operation benefits from access to our full range of technical expertise and experience

Connecting people

Britain’s workforce has never been so mobile, and the train operating companies are our partners in connecting millions of people every day, providing the passenger train services that run on our network.

The growing number of journeys that people make on our railway creates additional demands on our network and services, so we jointly work to overcome the capacity challenges as an industry.

Running the railway and the capacity challenge

Great for freight

More than 86 million tonnes of freight travels by rail each year – a 70 per cent increase since the 1990s – and businesses are benefiting by being able to carry more of their goods over longer distances and in less time.

Switching to rail freight is also good news for the environment as it’s the greener choice – rail freight takes 76 million lorries off the roads every year.

Transforming Britain’s future

The improvements we’re making as part of our Railway Upgrade Plan provide the opportunity for businesses across the country to grow and prosper, unlocking housing supply and connecting with more commuters by bringing communities closer to major urban centres.

We’re also resolving capacity issues to allow the movement of more freight trains and faster transportation of goods around the network.

Building bridges together

We rely on great relationships with our business partners – contractors and suppliers – to make our plans a reality.

Many of these businesses are small or medium-sized, and work with our teams to help us deliver ground-breaking projects efficiently, to budget and on schedule.

Innovation happens at all stages – to keep our workforce and the public safe and to improve performance – and our specialist teams focus on finding solutions to challenges, working within Network Rail and collaboratively across the rail industry.