Employee working on railway on scrap rail

Operations and maintenance

We’re responsible for running, maintaining and developing Britain's railway tracks, signalling systems, bridges, tunnels, level crossings and viaducts 


Our operational function delivers the services that ensure safe performance of the railway, including managing the systems and processes that keep the rail network working: from signalling operators in our regional Rail Operating Centres, to our mobile operations managers and incident response teams that help reopen any part of the network that’s blocked, level crossing managers and station customer service teams.


Maintenance is the day-to-day upkeep of the network. Our maintenance employees support our operations and project teams by making sure every part of our infrastructure – such as signals and power supplies, or assets such as track and bridges – is maintained and in good working order.

Ambitious about the future

Our aim is to keep growing to meet the demands and aspirations of passengers. We expect every one of our people to keep building on the progress we’ve made so far and help transform Britain's railway into a world-class infrastructure.

If you join us you’ll be constantly working hard to improve every aspect of the railway. We’ve already made enormous progress in making the railway safer, more reliable and more efficient.