Our graduate programmes and undergraduate placements

We offer two overarching programmes for graduates, as well as undergraduate placements. After you join us, you’ll be able to follow any number of different career paths.

Graduate programmes


If you’d love to get your hands on real projects out in the field rather than being confined to the drawing board, this could be your perfect destination.

You might find yourself using high-end technology, like our ultrasonic testing equipment, or contributing to new innovations, like battery-powered trains. And with plenty of freedom and responsibility open to you, your future will be whatever you make it.

Within engineering, we have three specific schemes: Civil engineering, Electrical and electronic engineering, and Mechanical engineering.

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Business management

If you’re self-motivated, comfortable with change and keen to get stuck into a real role from the start, our business management programme might be for you.

Back that up with plenty of drive, energy and passion, and you’ll be able to influence where we go next as well as exploring all sorts of new opportunities for your career.

In business management, we have a number of different schemes available including Finance, General management, Quality, health, safety and environment, Human resources, IT and business services, Project management, Property and Supply chain management.

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Undergraduate schemes

If you’re looking for a placement opportunity, we have two types of schemes on offer:

1. Year in industry placement schemes

Designed for students who are currently studying and need to spend a year in industry as part of their degree.

2. Summer placement schemes

Designed for students who may not have the option to take part in a year in industry scheme, but would still like to experience at career a Network Rail.

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