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Graduate programme – what’s in it for you?

A career as bright and unique as you are.

Being a graduate at Network Rail gives you so much more than just a job - you’ll have the opportunity to get involved with charitable work, take part in extra-curricular activities like team sports, attend events and, perhaps most importantly, you’ll get the chance to make new friends.

Every individual is able to succeed and is encouraged to reach their full potential

Network Rail is a company where every individual is able to succeed and is encouraged to reach their full potential within a culture that promotes diversity, inclusion and mutual respect. We value all our people and the contribution they make to the success of our organisation.

We want you to be the future of our business

We invest a lot in our graduates because we want you to be the future of our business. We make a commitment to all our employees to make the greatest possible use of their talent and capabilities and provide real opportunities for professional development.

Staff Networks

To help us reflect and understand the communities we serve, we’ve created six internal networks that are open to everyone. We encourage their input to help improve our diversity and inclusion performance and feed into our future strategy. We listen to their views, seek feedback about proposed changes to policy and practice and ask them to raise awareness amongst the wider workforce.

Our staff networks provide an effective way of helping us to reflect and understand the communities we serve. Each network has a sponsor from the Executive Committee:

  • Archway promotes LGBT inclusion at Network Rail, as part of the wider Diversity and Inclusion programme.
  • Can Do is an employee-run network for colleagues with disabilities and anyone who wishes to support, or find out more about, people with disabilities.
  • Cultural Fusion brings together our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees.
  • Inspire is focused on creating a fair and supportive environment for women working in Network Rail
  • The Multi-Faith Forum is open to all staff - across all faith groups and none, helping to create a workplace all staff can work comfortably in a faith-tolerant environment.
  • Myriad, the carers' network provides support for employees who have caring responsibilities.

Whatever part of the business you join, Network Rail provides an exciting and opportunity filled start to your career, there is no other company quite like it. There is no hierarchy of ideas, if it is good then we take it on board and use it. This, coupled with the work-life balance has fostered a culture of people who have time to think about what they are doing and why.  This is what helps us strive to become better every day for ourselves and our customers.