An apprenticeship means the chance to earn a real wage while you learn

We pay you £9,479 during your first year, plus £1,265 for successful completion.

In the second year, this rises to:

  • Age 18 – 20: £12,525.00
  • Age 21-24: £13,331.40 (£13,431.60 from 1 April 2018)
  • Age 25+:   £14,182.35 (£14,250.60 from 1 April 2018)

and £14,924.20 in the third year. During your first year of training there will be a 21 week residential stay at Westwood, Network Rail’s training centre.

While you’re at Westwood we’ll pay for your accommodation, three meals a day (brunch and dinner on Sundays), your work clothing and personal safety equipment. On top of all this, you’ll get 28 days’ holiday, plus bank holidays.

Company benefits

During the scheme, you can claim all our company benefits too, such as discounted train travel to and from work and a pension.

We also offer an inner London allowance of £3,100 per annum (for employees working at a Network Rail location within a 16-mile radius of Charing Cross) and outer London allowance of £1,800 per annum (for employees working at a Network Rail location over 16 miles and up to 40 miles from Charing Cross).

If you travel by train, we offer 75 per cent discount on annual season tickets up to a maximum of £3,000 in addition to an interest-free season ticket loan.

We’re proud to offer a range of pension schemes which provide flexibility and choice for our employees. Most new employees are eligible to join either the NRDC defined contribution scheme, or the NR CARE Scheme; our career average scheme which is a type of defined benefit arrangement. After five years’ continuous company service you become eligible to join the defined benefit Network Rail section of the Railways Pension Scheme, unless you are eligible when you start employment.

You can find detailed information about our schemes at Feel free to contact us with any questions using the contact details provided.

Beyond the scheme

Once you've completed the apprenticeship scheme, the average salary is around £30,000.