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Two apprentices working in breakout area of training centre

Apply to join our apprenticeship scheme

Our apprenticeship scheme is very competitive - we receive a high number of quality applications each year

The application process for our apprenticeship scheme reflects the strength of our offering and our search for applicants who are serious and enthusiastic about working for us.

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme in additional locations. Please view the map below for details of where we are recruiting.  Applications must be received by Friday 12 May.

Eligibility for our apprenticeship scheme

The Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme at Network Rail is open to anyone who will be aged 18 by 1 October 2017. There’s no upper age limit.

To apply you’ll need at least four A*-C GCSEs (IGCSE’s accepted) or four Scottish Standard 1-3/National 5. These must include English, Maths and Science or Engineering.

We’re happy for you to apply while you’re still sitting your exams as long as you’ll have your results before the start of the scheme. There are also some medical and physical fitness requirements to ensure safety on the track.

You will need to be available to start on 30 September 2017. Please note you will be unable to take holiday during the first 20 weeks of the scheme outside of scheduled holiday dates.

Give yourself the best chance of succeeding

How to ace your interview - a guide to interview skills

Before starting your application we recommend that you read this information:

So now you’ve read all the important information on the website and you’re ready to get going with your application.

We invest a lot in our apprentices because we want you to be the future of our business. Please read the following before you start the application process. We also recommend that you read our Hints and Tips above.

Although part of your first year is spent at Network Rail’s Training Centre, you will be allocated a local depot. This is where you will be based for the remainder of your first year and the second and third years of the scheme. When you apply, we will consider you for vacancies at depots within 60 minutes travel time of your current home address. If you wish to be considered for a different geographical area, you’ll have the option of letting us know during your application.

As we have a number of career paths available the initial recruitment process will identify suitable candidates with the right motivation and skills for the Apprenticeship Scheme. We will discuss which career paths you are suited to at the assessment centre.

There’s a lifetime of opportunity ahead. Start your epic career journey here. Good luck!

The Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme - opportunities across Britain

If you’re planning to commute by public transport, please check travel times for yourself using timetables as the journey will probably take longer than driving there yourself.
Please make sure you can travel to and from the depot you apply to within 1 hour.