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Join us for three fascinating, surprising and career-advancing years as an apprentice

Expert training, thousands of pounds in your pocket and a lifetime of engineering possibilities. When you're transforming Britain's vast railway network, you get more than just an education. Over three fascinating, surprising, career-advancing years as an apprentice, you'll gain the kind of skills that can set you up for life.

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme in additional locations. Please view the map on the  Apply page for details of where we are recruiting. Applications must be received by Friday 26 May.

You will need to be available to start on 30 September 2017. Please note you will be unable to take holiday during the first 20 weeks of the scheme outside of scheduled holiday dates.


Investing in our apprentices

We invest a lot in our apprentices because we want you to be the future of our business. There's lots of information in this section to help explain what you'll be doing and what to expect - please read through these pages to make sure this is the right opportunity for you before applying.

Are we a good match for each other?

With so many opportunities available, we understand that making the right choice can feel like a daunting prospect - that’s why we’ve developed a Match-me questionnaire. It will give you an overview of what it’s like to work at Network Rail and we’ll give you an indication as to whether you are likely to be a good match for one of our roles.

To take the quiz you'll need to register as a new candidate, but this doesn't mean you are under any obligation to submit an application.

Take the Match-me quiz

Advanced Engineering Apprenticeships with Network Rail (pdf)

Are you ready for a career as bright and unique as you are?

The Value of Apprenticeships (pdf)

More than four in five (83%) of those who started on the scheme a decade ago are still working for the organisation today.