Stakeholder code of practice

We value our stakeholders and customers and work hard to develop long-term working relationships that are built upon openness, fairness and trust.

This stakeholder code of practice is intended to satisfy condition 8 of our network licence, which requires us to publish information on the principles and procedures we’ll adopt when we deal with our stakeholders. It’s a fundamental part of how we’re continually improving our business performance.

This code of practice aims to go part of the way to satisfying this by recognising that in order to give stakeholders a better experience we need to pre-empt and respond to their needs.

Consultation on proposed changes to our Stakeholder Relations Code of Practice

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a fundamental part of how we seek to continuously improve our business performance. We want to be able to focus more precisely on, and drive our business by, the needs of our stakeholders.

We are taking steps to improve our stakeholder relations code of practice, and mindful of the broader aims of transformation and devolution, we believe that our code of practice should be based upon high level principles so that those who manage stakeholder relationships at the appropriate local, regional or national level can determine how best to apply them. We want to be able to treat stakeholders in ways that are most appropriate to their needs.

We are consulting on proposed changes to our Stakeholder Relations Code of Practice. In this consultation we are providing a wider opportunity for comment from stakeholders on our proposed engagement principles. Please see full consultation document below that includes details for responding.  We welcome stakeholder comments by Monday 9 July 2018.

Network Rail’s consultation on proposed changes to its Stakeholder Relations Code of Practice