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In September 2014 we were reclassified as a public sector organisation. 

We know from our transparency polling that, while important for all organisations, a higher level of transparency is expected from public bodies. So people now expect us to be more open as a matter of course, and we'll have to work harder to exceed their expectations.

This makes it even more important that all our people are working in a more open, honest and accessible way. But to get to that point we need to be clear about what transparency means for each individual, their team and the company as a whole, how they can use it to their advantage, and the benefits it brings.

We are working to change our organisational culture. We need to shift our culture to one that instinctively behaves in an open way. That's why our open culture work stream is a key part of our transparency strategy.

Transparency plays an integral part in safety as well as things like making sure we are diverse and inclusive.

We will work to explain what transparency means for our employees and the benefits it will bring. We will encourage people to share information and lessons with each other. We will also work with our Human Resources team to integrate transparency into things such as recruitment and how managers engage with their teams.

Together we can end domestic abuse