On this page you can download PDF documents for the Strategic Business Plan 2019 – 2024 for this route. You can download both the summary and the full-length regulated version at the links below. For all information and downloads related to our Strategic Business Plan, please visit the main page.

The railway in Wales and Borders plays a critical role in connecting people, businesses and communities to support both regional and national economic growth. We run the safest railway in Europe, committed to getting everyone home safe every day. In our role as an asset management service organisation, Network Rail owns, operates, maintains and, where funded, enhances the railway infrastructure of Wales and Borders.

Looking ahead

The Plan supports our mission to run a safe, reliable, affordable and growing railway that better meets the needs of our customers and provides maximum value for taxpayers and our funders. It represents a total proposed investment of £1.34 billion across Wales and Borders, with a significant number of diverse schemes designed to deliver improvements at local level, benefiting as many rail users as possible across the Route.