London North Eastern and East Midlands

On this page you can download PDF documents for the Strategic Business Plan 2019 – 2024 for this route. You can download both the summary and the full-length regulated version at the links below. For all information and downloads related to our Strategic Business Plan, please visit the main page.

Our London North Eastern and East Midlands Route (LNE & EM) is creating real momentum towards maximising the transformative opportunities that CP6 presents us, building on the challenges in CP5 to deliver a safer and more reliable railway for our colleagues, customers and passengers.

Looking ahead

CP6 will see unprecedented levels of change to the LNE & EM route with the realisation of multi-million pound investments on the Midland Main Line (MML), Transpennine and ECML corridors – it will be transformational for passengers with a 15% growth in train services and a corresponding increase in journeys.