Close Calls

Measuring the reporting of Close Calls

This measure comprises the number of 'Close Calls' that could be any unsafe act or unsafe condition that in different circumstances could have led to an accident or personal injury, or could have resulted in damage to property or equipment, but would not introduce risk to the railway infrastructure.

Following developments to the Close Call reporting system and additional communications put in place to encourage and support its use, the number of Close Calls being reported continued to increase during the year.

There were a total of 71,237 Close Calls for the year 2014/15, beating our year-end target of 40,000 close calls reported. An increase in the number of Close Call reports is a positive indicator of our safety culture. Of these, 47 per cent were closed within 28 days, against a target of 50 per cent. At present, close-out is only recorded for non-Infrastructure Projects Close Calls.

Close Call results

2014/15 2015/16
Close Calls reportedTarget40,00090,000
Close Calls closed within 28 days (%)Target5050

Note: % Close-out is currently only recorded for non-Infrastructure Projects and non-supplier Close Calls.


There have been more reports about unsafe behaviour and complex, systemic issues that require mitigation of risks related to strategy and process. This shows that there has been a significant increase in awareness and reporting.

We continue to focus on the risks identified through close calls by actively reviewing the close calls reported and using these to drive safety conversations which inform corporate level decision making.

Improvements to the Close Calls process have been identified and implemented across the business. For example, we have improved the categorisation of Close Calls so that we can monitor trends and identify hazards to enable mitigation. To reflect feedback from our employees, we have made changes to the mobile application that is used to report close calls.