What’s a Rail Operating Centre?

A signaller monitors the screen at a ROC

State-of-the-art Rail Operating Centres (ROCs) are important to a modern railway.

What are they and how do they benefit passengers?

A ROC brings various local, traditional signalling systems into one, large area, managed remotely. We're using up-to-date technology to make managing signalling more efficient and more effective.

Moving signalling control to more modern facilities means increased benefits for passengers:

  • More reliable journeys because it gives signallers a greater overview of the railway across a larger area
  • Greater resilience when disruption occurs - our teams can make decisions faster
  • More cost-effective signalling control than smaller, more localised signalling systems
  • The development of centres of excellence
  • We can pave the way for more frequent trains with more seats for more passengers in future.
Our York ROC