WATCH: Newcastle junction has a new lease of life

We’ve renewed tracks in Newcastle as part of the Great North Rail Project to transform rail travel in the north of England.

We completed the £8.6m track renewal project at the southern end of Newcastle station on Sunday 14 January, after a nine-day upgrade. The work to replace 19 sets of switches and crossings, part of the complicated track layout at Newcastle, is helping to make journeys more reliable.


Installed in the 1980s, the switches and crossings units at Newcastle were some of the least reliable on the LNE & EM route, with 15 failures between January and October 2017 causing delays to more than eight million passengers who use Newcastle station each year.

Switches and crossings are moveable sections of track that guide trains from one track to another and allow them to cross paths. Points, the mechanical systems that move switches and crossings, have an especially limited lifespan because trains cause wear and deformation when they travel across them.

The Switches & Crossings (S&C) North Alliance partnership of teams from Amey, Rhomberg Sersa and Network Rail together deliver S&C renewals and enhancements across two-thirds of Britain.

Last year the alliance won Infrastructure Achievement of the Year at the National Rail Awards for the 125mph handback at Sandy South.

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