VIDEO: Switches and crossings installation in the Lee Valley

On Saturday 14 April we upgraded the track north of Lea Bridge station in the Lee Valley.

Switches and crossings are moveable sections of track that guide trains from one track to another and allow them to cross paths. They have an especially limited lifespan because trains cause wear and deformation when they travel across them.

The new switches and crossings will allow train services running between Stratford and the new Meridian Water station in north London to join the new third track in May 2019, as part of the Lee Valley Rail programme.

The third line will be dedicated to the Stratford to Meridian Water service. This will help to reduce delays for all trains travelling through the Lee Valley area, which often have to wait south of Tottenham Hale.

Once complete, the Lee Valley Rail scheme will unlock extra rail capacity and sites for housing development along the Lee Valley.


For more information on the Lee Valley railway upgrade, and to see more videos, visit the Lee Valley Rail Programme project page. You can also follow the hashtag #LeeValleyRail on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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