High Output Ballast Cleaner

Our High Output team carries out 70 per cent of Britain's track renewal work.

Passenger demand for train services has doubled in Britain over the last 20 years. More frequent services mean tracks need to be renewed more often. The High Output team, with its specialised fleet of vehicles, keeps the railway running.

Around 1,200 people work in High Output on the tracks and in our York and Birmingham offices, and at our nationwide operations bases and delivery depots. 

Find out more about the team and the High Output machines that they use, including the ballast cleaning system – the longest train on the network – and the track renewal system.

As well as the High Output machines we use for rapid track renewal work, we have the High Output Plant System (HOPS) – we use this machine to install overhead line equipment as part of the Great Western Mainline modernisation project.

High Output

High Output machines

High Output Plant System (HOPS)