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Calling all former signallers

Network Rail is appealing for former signallers to keep vital train services moving.

Have you signalled trains professionally? We need your help during the coronavirus outbreak to provide crucial support to keep the railway running.

Mark Langman, MD for the Wales and Western Region, explains what we’re doing and how ex-signallers can help during the Coronavirus crisis.

We’re working hard to keep signal boxes and control centres across Britain open 24/7. This allows key workers such as doctors and nurses to continue travelling to work and means vital food and medical supplies can be transported across the country via freight services.

Signallers make sure the railway operates safely and allow trains to run. We’re appealing for retired signallers, or those who have moved to other careers in the railway industry, for roles at signal boxes across the country.

The railway is currently performing well but it is important to prepare for the next few weeks. Former signallers can provide crucial cover if some members of the workforce need to self-isolate.

Retraining will be provided.

Chris Gee, head of operations for the Eastern region at Network Rail, said: “Signallers are crucial to keep the railway open and we need more former workers to help us provide back-up if some of our staff can’t come to work. Full re-training will be given.”

One of our signallers

John Halsall, managing director for Network Rail’s Southern Region, said: “[The Southern] region carries half of all passengers in the country and Channel Tunnel rail freight and the pressure is on us to keep that going more than ever before. I’m appealing for signallers who’ve retired, left the railway, or moved on to other jobs in Network Rail that they can take a break from, to come back and help us keep the south moving.

“Under normal circumstances we have enough signallers to keep trains running whatever happens, from flu to winter colds season, but these are not normal circumstances and without signallers to route trains there will be no way we can keep the whole network open.”

Any former professional signallers interested in helping to keep trains moving should contact us:

If you live in the Eastern region, please email this address:

If you live in the Southern region, please email this address:

If you are in Wales, in the first instance, please email, briefly outlining your experience.

If you are in the Western region, in the first instance, please email, briefly outlining your experience.

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