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Victoria Arch Widening Scheme

We’re partnering with Woking Borough Council and Surrey County Council to deliver a new and improved railway bridge in Woking.

Programme Revision

The Victoria Arch widening scheme is currently on hold. More information will be posted here when it is available.

Victoria Arch Widening in Woking
Artist’s impression – indicative only

The project will replace and widen the Victoria Arch railway bridge in Woking as part of a major scheme to reduce traffic congestion, improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists and unlock additional housing capacity.

By widening the railway bridge, Guildford Road, the main road running through Woking, can be transformed into a dual-carriageway, providing a safer environment and better connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists to access the town centre, railway station, community facilities and neighbouring residential areas.

The scheme forms part of Woking Borough Council’s wider strategy to unlock development sites for much-needed town centre housing.

Work is anticipated to start in 2022 and expected to conclude in 2025.

What we’re doing

We are determining the design of the new railway bridge and working closely with our partners to develop a delivery strategy that will minimise disruption on passengers.

As of June 2022, Woking Borough Council are reviewing delivery options for the scheme. The outcome of the review will be made available at the Council’s website.

Line closures

Temporary line closures will be required while we demolish and rebuild Victoria Arch railway bridge. Details of closures will be posted here as they become available. The majority of line closures will take place at weekends. Longer closures, which may last several days or more, are likely to take place over public holidays such as Easter or Christmas periods.

Contact us

For more information or to get in touch with us, please contact us by visiting our contact us page or by calling our 24-hour national helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

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