The Great Western electrification project includes work to the South Wales Mainline – an important rail route linking major towns and cities across the region

The South Wales Mainline runs from the Severn Tunnel in Monmouthshire, through Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend, Port Talbot, Neath and Swansea.

We began work at the eastern end of the South Wales Mainline, in Monmouthshire, in spring 2015.

Map of planned bridge works in Monmouthshire (320 KB)
South Wales electrification FAQ (2.2 MB)

See the Great Western Mainline page for information about the benefits of the project for passengers, the economy and the environment.

As part of our plan to electrify the South Wales Mainline, we have identified that a number of bridges in Monmouthshire will require modification as they are too low to accommodate the overhead lines.

Monmouthshire whitewall footbridge magor


Delivering our work responsibly

We recognise that work to electrify the South Wales Mainline may cause some disruption in local communities but we’ll do our very best to limit this.

Safety is our number one priority and for this reason, some of the work must be carried out while trains are not running. Also, we are contractually obliged to work at times that cause the least disruption to services.

This means carrying out some of our improvement work during the night.

Alongside our partners, we will endeavour to work responsibly ensuring construction sites are managed effectively. For those living close to the railway, engineering work can be noisy – but we will try to keep disruption to a minimum, particularly at night time.

Undertaking work to bridges will require the temporary closures of roads and footpaths – but we are working closely with local councils to agree suitable diversionary routes and are committed to completing construction as quickly as possible.