This project focussed on the strengthening and refurbishment of Dana footbridge and the second phase of renewing the station canopies.

Dana footbridge refurbishment

The aim of the refurbishment work to Dana footbridge was to strengthen it, as well as ensure the appearance of the structure was improved and it's fit for use for many years to come. Engineers completed steel, brick and timber repairs and replacements on the structure as well as replacing windows and renewing the deck walkway with an anti-slip surface. The footbridge was also deep cleaned, surfaces grit blasted and the structure re-painted, ensuring that the appearance of the footbridge is improved.

During this essential refurbishment work, the footbridge was temporarily closed to pedestrians from December 2018 until November 2019.

Station canopies renewal: Phase two

The second phase of renewing the station canopies of this historic station commenced in November 2018 and has now been completed. Renewal of the canopies was broken down into two phases with the first phase completed in late 2016. The second phase includes the renewal of canopy 4a and 7a, 4b and 7b, and 5 and 6 and was also part-funded by the Railway Heritage Trust.

This essential upgrade project was all part of our commitment to maintain a safe and reliable railway and has ensured this historic station has been refreshed for the benefit of our passengers and the local community.

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