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Llanion level crossing

As part of our landmark level crossing risk reduction programme, we’re proposing to close Llanion level crossing to help create a safer railway

Between July 2015 – August 2021 there were 21 incidents recorded at Llanion level crossing and 75% of these accounted for vandalism and trespass.

This crossing has therefore been identified as one of the level crossings we would like to fully close.

One of the most recent incidents happened in July 2021 when a council worker signalled that it was safe for a council vehicle to cross in front of an oncoming train.

Other recent incidents include in August and February 2021, when a works van crossed in front of an oncoming train.

In March 2020, a driver narrowly avoided a serious incident when his car collided with a passing train. The driver was fined and given four penalty points on his licence by magistrates for driving without due care and attention.

Llanion level crossing
Llanion level crossing

Visibility across the crossing is poor so a full closure would remove all risk associated with crossing the railway for road users, rail users and pedestrians.

Our plans

Our plans would see the creation of a new road on the south side of the railway, via an extension to Hawkstone Road.

Pedestrian access across the railway would be maintained at Pembroke Dock station or via the subway on Ferry Lane, less than 200m away from Llanion level crossing. Access to 17-19 Llanion Cottages would be maintained through the new road.

Proposed pedestrian diversion routes

There are two proposed pedestrian diversion routes, one route circa 180m east of Llanion Cottages, via the subway on Ferry Lane and one route west of Llanion Cottages, at Pembroke Dock station. Please download our diversion map to see these routes.

What are the benefits of closing the crossing?

The closure of the level crossing would mean that trains travelling to and from Pembroke Dock station would no longer have to wait for up to five minutes at the crossing, therefore, reducing overall journey times for passengers.

Additionally, the noise created by the horns of approaching trains, vehicles and pedestrians travelling across the crossing would be completely eliminated for those residents living near it.

What are the timescales for this planned closure?

We are working towards fully closing the crossing by 2022 but this is subject to stakeholder input, assessment and acceptance. We want to ensure we engage with all those who have an interest in the crossing in the coming months so that we can thoroughly review our plans and be sure that our proposal has been seen and accepted by as many people as possible.

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