We are refurbishing parts of the Sanderstead Road railway bridge in South Croydon during December 2019 and January 2020.

The bridge, which sits below one of the country’s busiest stretches of railway, originally dates back to 1839. The wrought iron bridge decks were built in 1909 and are now in need of complete replacement.

How we’ll do this

We are renewing the outside iron decks of the bridge over the Christmas period. We will replace the northwest (Purley Road) side between 25 – 27 December, followed by the southeast (Broomhall Road) side between 27 – 30 December.

Extensive preparation work is required to ensure this work is possible, including road closures throughout the Christmas period, from 6 December until 14 January.

We have established our site compound area in the nearby South Croydon Recreation Ground and at the road junction adjacent to the structure. This is where the new bridge decks will be delivered and prepared, following their arrival from the manufacturer, who is based in Ireland.

The existing bridge deck will be removed and replaced with the new concrete decks using a SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transport).

The track, signalling and electrical equipment which forms the railway above will be temporarily removed during the work. Fresh track is being laid to improve the reliability of the railway.

The Recreation Ground will be restored to its original condition by March 2020. A full month of work is dedicated to preparing and restoring the recreation ground before we reopen it to the community.

Key dates and construction programme

DatesWhatWhyLocal impactTrain service impact
01:00 Sunday 26 January – 04:00 Monday 27 January – 24 hour workingClosure of the railway on north side of bridge. South side will remain open.Completing track work, returning cables back to original locations and removing scaffolds.Some noise impact from overnight work. Road closure continues.An amended service will operate on Southern and Thameslink. Gatwick Express will operate a half-hourly service

Road and footpath closures

To complete this essential project safely, we will need to close the the road and the footpath below the bridge at various times.

The main diversionary route across the railway vehicles will be via Selsdon Road to the north or Purley Downs Road to the south.

At the times when the footpath is closed, a minibus service will operate to transfer pedestrians from one side of the bridge to the other.

Details of these occasions are shown in the table below.

DatesWhatWhyLocal impact
Tuesday 14 JanuarySanderstead Road closure from Purley Road to Broomhall Road ends. Main work completed.Sanderstead Road will be open to traffic again.
Friday 24 January – Monday 27 JanuarySanderstead Road closure from Purley Road to Broomhall Road. To allow us to finish off follow up work and remove scaffolding. Changes to local driving routes.
01:00 Sunday 26 January – 06:00 Monday 27 JanuaryFootpath closure underneath railway bridge. To allow us to remove scaffolding safely. Changes to walking routes. Minibus service in operation.

Improvement work progresses over the Christmas period

Keeping you moving

As detailed in the table above, there will be key dates where part or all of the railway will be closed as a result of this vital improvement work, particularly over the Christmas period.

Please check before you travel at National Rail Enquires to understand how your journey may be affected.

Alternatively, you can contact the train operator you’re planning to travel with directly. In this case that’s either Southern, Thameslink or Gatwick Express.

More information

If you have any other questions or concerns about the project, please telephone our 24-Hour National Helpline on 03457 114141.