A second platform is being constructed at Dunbar in order to provide increased capacity and improve operational flexibility on the East Coast Main Line

As part of the rail upgrade plan, there is a significant level of investment in Scotland’s railway infrastructure to provide increased capacity and improve operational flexibility, including on the East Coast Main Line.

During this project, a new platform is being constructed on the Down Line (northbound) at Dunbar.

What it delivers

  • The platform will be long enough to accommodate the new 10-car, Hitachi Super Express Train to be introduced on the East Coast Main Line from 2019.
  • The new platform will create capacity for future services to stop at Dunbar.
  • The new platform will have step free access.


All timescales are indicative and subject to change:

  • Spring 2017 – initial designs.
  • April 2018 – planning consents received.
  • November 2018 – Amco appointed as main contractor.
  • Winter 2018 – detailed design and additional survey works.
  • May 2019 – works to create a new platform due to commence.
  • Early 2020 – all construction activities completed.


A. The new platform will provide increased capacity and improve operational flexibility. Currently all northbound and southbound services have to use the same platform. Northbound stopping services will use the new platform once it is constructed.

There are aspirations by train companies operating on the East Coast Main Line to operate more long distance and local services on the route. These cannot be accommodated with the existing infrastructure.

A. Network Rail developed an outline programme for the works in 2017. In November 2018 Amco was appointed as main contractor and, alongside Network Rail, is developing the detailed design. Work on site will commence in May 2019 and all construction activities are due to be completed by early 2020.

Network Rail will be using our permitted development rights to construct the platform.  In April 2018 we received approval for the footbridge, which included a review by the council of the design and amenity of the structure, and Listed Building Consent in order to demolish the old goods shed attached to the main building.

This project is being funded by Transport Scotland with a current estimate of circa £13m.

A. We will endeavour to keep the local community updated on the progress of the project.

Key project milestones will be communicated to residents via this webpage, traditional media and social media. In addition, notification letters of planned works will be sent to affected residents ahead of time in order to best indicate the dates / times / type of work which will be undertaken.

For more information, please phone the Network Rail national helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

Footbridge and access points

A. No, platform to platform access will be provided by a footbridge with lifts for station users to exit and enter the station via the main station building.

However, East Lothian Council has an aspiration to install an access point from the new platform into the neighbouring housing estate, near the underpass at the north end of the station. If the additional access is built, a footpath link will be provided to connect into the new platform. For further information please contact East Lothian Council.

A. The new footbridge with lifts will be located at the south end of the station building. The old goods shed attached to the main station building will be demolished to provide space for a lift shaft and stairs. We have received the necessary consents from East Lothian Council in order to undertake these works.


  • The platform will be 271 metres in length.
  • The footbridge will be 32 metres in length and 6.3 metres above the track.  It will be supported by a north and south lift shaft with associated motor rooms.
  • The lift shafts will be approximately 11.7m in height and some 3.2 metres in width.  The lift shafts will be of red sandstone construction.
  • Across the railway the footbridge will have 1.8m high sides formed of steel cladding.
  • The staircases will have open handrails.
  • There will be a contrasting colour scheme of cream and heritage green for the handrails and for the horizontal and vertical detailing of the footbridge sides.

The amenity and design of the footbridge has been agreed with East Lothian Council through the prior approval planning process.


A. Wherever possible, Network Rail and our contractors will undertake the work during the day. However, there will be a requirement to undertake some night time working at Dunbar Station, predominantly at the weekend. It is safer for our staff and contractors to deliver certain works when trains are not running. We are also regulated to work in a way that minimises impact on train services.

Notification letters will be sent to affected neighbours.

A. Wherever possible, materials will be delivered to site by rail. There may be occasions when deliveries of materials or plant need to be delivered by road. The plan of how the materials will be transported is still being finalised.


A. There are aspirations by train companies operating on the East Coast Main Line to operate more long distance and local services on the route. The timetable is still in development.

A. An extension to the car park does not form part of this project.

Dunbar Station – Additional Resources

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Footbridge and lift elevations 1/2
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Footbridge and lift elevations 2/2
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Designs in the above documents are subject to change through the detailed design process and will be updated accordingly.

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