Liverpool City Region upgrade

£340m is being invested in the railway in the Liverpool City Region

Upgrades to Liverpool Lime Street, the Halton Curve project and new Maghull North station are a few of the vital schemes that form part of a £340m railway investment in the Liverpool City Region. This work also sits within the wider Great North Rail Project to transform rail travel for customers across the north of England.

Liverpool Lime Street

Train services resumed in and out of Liverpool Lime Street on Monday 30 July following the successful completion of the station’s eight-week transformation (2 June – 29 July).

This was the second major phase of its upgrade, the first taking place in autumn last year.

The most noticeable change for passengers will be the changes to platforms. All station platforms have been remodelled and many lengthened and widened to create vital space for longer trains and more passengers. Two new platforms, built last year, have also been commissioned.

Track has also been upgraded and the track layout completely remodelled to enable more services to run in and out of the station, more reliably.

What upgrades have been made to platforms?

Extensive upgrades to signalling equipment and overhead line equipment have also been completed. Signalling control has now been moved to centrally-operated Manchester Rail Operating Centre. This means more reliable journeys for passengers, allowing faster decision making on the railway to minimise delays.

Some key stats:

  • Around 5,000 members of staff in total
  • Now totalling over 1 million hours worked
  • 2.9km new track installed
  • 16,000 tonnes ballast (railway foundation stone)  installed
  • 43 engineering trains used
  • 11km new overhead line wiring installed
  • 12 new point ends (allowing trains to cross from one track to another) installed
  • 26 new signals installed

Some additional, final works will take place on Sunday 2 September and Sunday 14 October before full project completion, which will see new platforms 1 and 2 come into full passenger use.  These upgrades will enable an extra three services per hour in and out of Lime Street station, including new direct services to Scotland.

Thank you

We are incredibly grateful to passengers for their patience, cooperation and understanding while we have completed these major upgrades.

The Lime Street station upgrade is part of the Great North Rail Project, a rail industry team effort to transform rail travel for customers in future, through track and train improvements across the North.

More information on Phase One, Christmas 2017 and Sunday 8 April upgrades

Phase One  (30 September - 22 October 2017)

All lines into Liverpool Lime Street station fully reopened on Monday 23 October following a complex 23-day upgrade (30 September – 22 October) as part of Phase One of its major transformation.

Engineers replaced almost 2,000m of track, redesigned and lengthened platforms and built two new ones (platforms 7 and 8) all of which will help provide passengers with more seats on more trains in and out of the city.

A modern signalling system - which will improve reliability and provide passengers with a better service - was installed during the first nine days of the work. This allowed trains to run in and out of platforms 1 and 2 for the majority of the upgrade.

Christmas 2017 (25 - 27 December)

Over the festive period new platform 8, which was built this year, was commissioned and opened to the public on Thursday 28 December. Current platform 8 reopened as the new platform 9, while existing platforms 6 and 9 were temporarily taken out of use to allow engineers to remodel them while the station is open in 2018. Further signalling upgrades and overhead line equipment installation were also completed.

Sunday 8 April 2018

Platform 6 reopened to passengers on Monday 10 April after extensive realignment and remodelling work to widen it to more than double its original width.


Platform 4 has been taken out of use to complete similar work to remodel and widen the platform - creating vital capacity to make room for more passengers. Upgrades to overhead line equipment were also completed during the Sunday upgrade.

Other key schemes