Liverpool City Region upgrade

£340m is being invested in the railway in the Liverpool City Region

Upgrades to Liverpool Lime Street, the Halton Curve project and new Maghull North station are a few of the vital schemes that form part of a £340m railway investment in the Liverpool City Region. This work also sits within the wider Great North Rail Project to transform rail travel for customers across the north of England.

Liverpool Lime Street

Liverpool Lime Street station is undergoing a major transformation – its biggest upgrade since the 19th Century.

Upgrades to platforms, track and signalling equipment will enable faster, more frequent and more reliable train services in and out of Merseyside’s key transport hub. From 2019 an extra three services will be able to run in/out of Lime Street every hour, including new direct services to Scotland. Remodelling and rebuilding station platforms will provide longer, straighter, safer platforms capable of accommodating longer trains and more passengers, more safely.

It is forecast that by 2043 the number of passengers travelling at peak time through Lime Street will have doubled. Our station upgrade is vital to create capacity at the station to accommodate more passengers.

Phase two of Liverpool Lime Street’s major upgrade takes place this summer

The second and final major phase of Liverpool Lime Street’s transformation will take place between 2 June and 29 July 2018. Similar to phase one, which took place 30 September – 22 October 2017, this will include full and partial closure of lines into Liverpool Lime Street.

Network Rail, the train operators and Liverpool City Region continue to work together to build a robust transport plan to keep passengers on the move and ensure Liverpool very much remains open for business.

As was proved successful last year, many mainline services (to/from destinations such as Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Airport, London, Nottingham, Runcorn, Birmingham and Crewe) will start and terminate at Liverpool South Parkway station. From here passengers can easily pick up the Merseyrail network to/from the city centre.

Where rail replacement buses are needed on the network, we will ensure that they are of high quality and offer express and stopping options.

More information will be provided in early March to give passengers plenty of time to plan.

April’s upgrade – Sunday 8 April

Before our major upgrade this summer, we also have some vital works that we must complete in April. On Sunday 8 April our engineers will be upgrading platforms, which will see platform 6 come back into use and platform 4 taken out of use. This allows our Team Orange to continue upgrading the station while it is open.

Keeping you moving

Mainline services to/from destinations such as Manchester (including Manchester Airport), London, Nottingham, Runcorn, Birmingham, Leeds, York and Crewe will start/terminate at Liverpool South Parkway.

It’s easy to transfer onto the Merseyrail network as there is no need for passengers to leave the station.

Journeys via Huyton (from Manchester Victoria, Preston, Wigan and St Helens) will travel as far as Huyton station where passengers can transfer onto a regular rail replacement bus service between Liverpool Lime Street and Huyton.

Journeys via local Warrington stations on Northern services will start/terminate at Hunts Cross station with a regular rail replacement bus service in operation, calling all stations on the City Line between Hunts Cross and Liverpool Lime Street.  A regular 15-minute rail service will also run between Hunts Cross and Liverpool Central station on the Merseyrail Network.

More information on Phase One and Christmas 2017

Phase One  (30 September - 22 October 2017)

All lines into Liverpool Lime Street station fully reopened on Monday 23 October following a complex 23-day upgrade (30 September – 22 October) as part of Phase One of its major transformation.

Engineers replaced almost 2,000m of track, redesigned and lengthened platforms and built two new ones (platforms 7 and 8) all of which will help provide passengers with more seats on more trains in and out of the city.

A modern signalling system - which will improve reliability and provide passengers with a better service - was installed during the first nine days of the work. This allowed trains to run in and out of platforms 1 and 2 for the majority of the upgrade.

Christmas 2017 (25 - 27 December)

Over the festive period new platform 8, which was built this year, was commissioned and opened to the public on Thursday 28 December. Current platform 8 reopened as the new platform 9, while existing platforms 6 and 9 were temporarily taken out of use to allow engineers to remodel them while the station is open in 2018. Further signalling upgrades and overhead line equipment installation were also completed.


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