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Middlesbrough station

We are working to improve Middlesbrough station

As part of our Railway Upgrade Plan we are carrying out work to the roof and stonework of the station building.  This is specialist work on a Grade II listed building and is expected to take two years to complete. We are working with TransPennine Express and the local authority to minimise the disruption caused by our improvement work.

In spring 2016 we completed the upgrade of Wood Street car park. This has been given a new tarmac surface, improved lighting and CCTV. The old car park at the front of Middlesbrough station is closed to motorists and pedestrians. This is because the arches that support it are old and need replacing.

We are also working with the council to explore ideas to improve the front of the station as the arches which supported the old car park are life-expired. This is why the old car park was closed.

A feasibility study is looking at a number of options, which range from basic renewal and maintenance to more ambitious plans for shop units or a public plaza. 

The study is being jointly funded with Middlesbrough council as the more ambitious enhancement plans would require third-party funding.

Whatever we do at the station will require listed building consent, which Network Rail will seek once our plans are confirmed.

Further updates about our upgrade work at Middlesbrough will be posted on this website once they are available.

Our 24 hour helpline is available for any public enquiries on 03457 114141.